UFO Photographed Shooting Beams of Light on Diamond Mine

Teleporting alien captured by CCTV on the road?
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UFO for diamonds?

An unidentified flying object has been spotted shooting beams of light on to an Arctic Diamond Mine in Canada, UFO Sightings Daily reported. However, the structure of the UFO has been questioned, as it does look like something else in the photos.

The photos (click here to view) show a massive round formation in the sky, with three columns of light coming off it.

"Some people are calling this a wormhole or portal to another dimension, however it does look like a massive UFO that has three beams of light coming down from its bottom. This photo was taken at the Daivik Diamond Mine in the Arctic this week," writes Scott C. Waring aka SCW of ufosightingsdaily.com.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself. Could some aliens be making some signals to Earth?

Waring further wrote of claims that some mining crew saw the beams of light coming out of the round-shape thing in the sky.

"I don't believe aliens have an interest in diamonds," SCW noted, adding that the extraterrestrials could be interested in something else around the mining area. He also mused, "the arctic ocean area would be a great location for an underwater base entrance."

UFOsightingsdaily reports possible encounters with UFOs and aliens. In the blog's latest post, it features an "alien" saving the life of a man in China. The YouTube clip, stamped September 5, was reportedly captured by a CCTV camera. An alien has reportedly teleported to save a man from a vehicular accident.

Curious? Watch the clip here, or play the video clip below.

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