NASA to Auction Apollo Mission Artifacts (NASA)
NASA to Auction Apollo Mission Artifacts (NASA) NASA

During the explorations, as humans worked their way in observing the uncharted parts of the moon, archived photos of the Apollo missions gave the idea that other living things might have been watching the explorers as well. Apparently, one particular photo suggested that aliens might really exist.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched the first Apollo mission in 1969, which brought the first humans to land on the moon's untouched surface. Various manned missions took place until 1972.

Looking back, Apollo 15 was the first of the Apollo "J" missions that was capable of staying on the moon for a longer period of time and has also shown greater surface mobility. The objective was basically to explore the Hadley-Appenine region of the moon and be able to set-up and perform lunar scientific experiments. The mission also aims to make engineering evaluations of new Apollo equipment, conduct lunar orbital experiments and take shots of the said region.

Apparently, several alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFO's were recorded around the world. But while researchers were browsing through the old images of the Apollo 15 mission, one of them noticed that an image of a UFO was captured on one of the photos, Tech Times reports.

For some, the image could have been some debris that was captured by the camera while some claim that it could be a result of the photo's developing process. On the other hand, some say that the image might have been formed by a fragment of dust on the camera but some non-believers say that it was just developing error. UFO believers and enthusiasts believe that the image that was discovered was actually that of an alien which observes human explorers and the alleged image of a UFO might have been fascinated with the astronauts.

In other news, it was reported that a commercial airline pilot from London's Heathrow Airport said that they had encountered and has almost hit a ball-shaped UFO. The pilot added that his aircraft almost had contact with the unidentified flying object, but as described by the pilot, the silvery metallic-like orb surprisingly maneuvered and flew a feet above the airplane. However, reports say that "it wasn't possible to either trace the object or determine the cause of the sighting."

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