Australia welcomes UberEATS
Uber’s food delivery service, Uber Eats Uber

An Uber Eats driver has been caught on camera eating chips from a customer’s order before he delivered the item. The delivery driver swiped the food off the bag before giving it to the customer.

In the security footage the customer sent to Melbourne radio station 3AW on Wednesday, the driver is seen ringing the doorbell before apparently deliberating shortly if he should sample the goodies from the bag. He then pulls out a chip and eats it quickly, wiping his fingers off on his pants. He then rings the doorbell again.

“I can’t believe he didn’t just take one in the car, instead of at our front door,” the customer said.

“Hot Breakfast” host Eddie McGuire said the customer, a friend of his, told him the incident took play on Monday about half past six in the evening. McGuire said it was “a common occurrence” at his area.

“So a good friend of mine had the home security system going and he said, ‘you need to come and have a look at this one, old pal,’” he said.

When contacted by, an Uber Eats spokeswoman said they had guidelines in place that prohibited drivers from stealing customer’s food.

“We know how important food safety is, and we ask delivery partners to take great care during the delivery process to ensure the quality of meals they deliver for restaurants reflect the restaurant’s standards,” the spokeswoman said. “Delivery partners using Uber Eats are expected to comply with the Uber Eats community guidelines, which explain they can lose access to the app for tampering with orders.

“We encourage users of the app to contact us with any concerns or issues they may be having and we will work to resolve these with them.”

The rep did not mention what sanction the delivery driver would get, if any.