Members of a surgical team implant a donated harvested kidney to transplant into patient Adam Abernathy as part of a five-way organ transplant swap in New York, August 1, 2012. Reuters

The practice of travelling abroad for purchase of organs for transplant has gained popularity in recent years. However, a latest study conducted by investigators in Bahrain suggests that the practice has considerable risks associated with the health of the recipient.

Sometimes a long wait to get an organ for transplant in one's own country instigates the recipient to travel to other countries and get an organ through unfair means. Leaving the legal and ethical risks associated with such an action, the experts say that the health risks are totally not worth it.

During the study, investigators in Bahrain found that people who travel abroad to buy an organ for transplant such as kidney, end up developing serious infections. The countries, primarily being referred by the researchers here includes India, Pakistan, Iran and Philippines.

The researchers say that patients who receive organs as a part of transplant tourism sometimes develop liver diseases, Hepatitis B and C. In addition, sometimes life-threatening form of infection can also emerge in such patients, including cytomegalovirus.

The investigation team also found that patients who bought kidneys from a donor in some other country were at a greater risk of organ rejection and other surgical complication. On the other hand, the rate of complication was much lower in patients who obtained the organ through a legal transplant within their own country.

"In a paid system, the prime focus is on making money," said Dr. Gabriel Danovitch of the University of California, Los Angeles, in an interview with CBS News. "Centers that are willing to do these don't really care what happens to the donors or recipients after the transplant."

The complete study findings were presented at the ASN Kidney Week 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

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