Photo of Toukiden 2 gameplay. KoeiTecmoAmerica.com

“Toukiden 2” has been officially released on Steam. The game is also being given a 10 percent discount for its first week release and a 23 percent discount for VIP users.

The “Toukiden 2” game has been officially digitally released on Steam. PS4 owners will have to wait until March 23 or 28 to be able to get their hands on the game disc available. The new game showcases the latest instalment of the hack and slash, monster hunting RPG game “Toukiden.” It is a vast open-world game wherein players are set out to kill monsters that roam their virtual world.

Players who purchase the game on Steam in its first month of release will be able to grab its five DLC. For those who have already bought the game, they will be able to download for free: Armor: Tenko Outfit, Mitama: Sanada Masayuki, Mitama: Sanada Nobuyuki, Mitama: Sarutobi Sasuke and Mitama: Chikurin'in.

According to the Steam Community reviews, the game so far has no glitches or frames per second issues. Furthermore, the graphics of the game are outstanding, as some users have commented. The one problem that players have with this game on PC is the fact that there is no mouse support. Users will have to use only their keyboard to play the game. With PS4 users though, there is game controller support, so there is no problem for them.

Game availability

With the release of the game, it became one of Steam’s top sellers after jumping to the number two spot. It is just right behind “NieR: Automata.” However, it has fallen slightly lower since then to number three as “GTA V” recently had a 50 percent off deal. The reviews for this game are still mixed with its official release. However, the sales number looks promising and has been favourable to the PlayStation.

This game can be purchased on Steam for PC users. However, it is also available for the PS4 and PSVita. In Australia, PS4 owners can buy the game through EB Games for $89.99. However, those residing in Australia can simply download the game through their Steam account for $70, according to Destructoid.

Release date and price

“Toukiden 2” was released on March 21. In its first week of release, it is being offered with a discount. The game is listed for US$60 (AU$78). However, with the first week release discount, it will be available for US$53.99 (AU$70). According to Greenman Gaming, players can get a 23 percent discount at US$45.99 (AU$60). However, players would need to be signed in as a VIP. These discounts are available until March 29.