A humanoid robot being checked out at the University of Bonn July 3, 2014 Reuters

The Japanese tech powerhouse introduces "ChihiraAico", a modern robot which attempts to be more human-like by executing an almost real heart-warming communication with human-like facial expression. The robot's name was derived from combination of certain words such as: "Chi" which means Earth, "hira" which means peace, "Ai" which stands for idea and "co" for communication.

The company has made her in a way that she will she look like human, and would act almost like a real human. The Android robot is said to possess the world's highest level of natural and realistic facial expressions and provides quick, silent and smooth body movements using 43 pneumatic actuators wherein 15 is found in its face, 4 in its body and 24 in its shoulders and arms. In addition, the female robot stands five feet five inches in height and based on her profile she plays to be 32 years old.

According to Tech Crunch, "ChihiraAico" is a "Communications Android" robot that is unfortunately not good with communicating. Toshiba's technology has designed the robotic woman to speak a pre-programmed message and is also able to deliver a song. Apparently, "ChihiraAico" appears to be "alive" when she delivers John Denver's "What A Wonderful World". From a distance, one would be fooled by her human like appearance but the robot has limits, like its inability to take and process data.

"ChihiraAico" is part of Toshiba's human smart community concept which could be used to assist the elderly and people with disabilities. The robot has been dubbed as "a robot for tomorrow's service industry and homes". Some may think that the concept is very advanced but the company also projects that the robot can also used in the service industry and could be capable of doing other jobs, Mashable reports.

Finally, the "communications android" robot remains to be a concept. But its appearance in the 2015 tech show in Las Vegas marks Toshiba's aim for the Android robot be used by various brands and venues in selling products and can even act as an announcer.

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