Apple's iPhone 5 may be one of the oldest flagships in the lineup to date, but it doesn't mean that it's losing its touch when it comes to the games that it can bring you.

This weekend, you can indulge in some of the newest iOS apps tailored to run with your iPhone 5. From side-scrollers and matching games to a spin-off of the well-loved Angry Birds and a worthy in-app purchase of a hit game, here are the top iPhone 5 apps of the week.

Temple Run 2: Usain Bolt

Temple Run 2 may have been running on the App Store for quite some time, but there's a new in-app purchase that may be worth the $0.99.

Joystiq reports that Usain Bolt, Olympic Gold medal-holder, is now available for the game as a playable character, making him the first one to be a guest character in the franchise.

According to the report, the Bolt add-on will be running in his trademark yellow and green outfit, plus you can also enjoy some power boosts that put his record to the test.

"I am a big fan of Temple Run. I travel all over the world and travel time gives me lots of opportunity to play Temple Run at airports or on car journeys," said Usain Bolt in the game's official press release. "It's exciting to see myself represented within a game I already play."

(Image sourced from TouchArcade)

Bad Piggies

If you were addicted to Angry Birds (and all the other versions and franchises of the game), here's one that will continue your craze.

Rovio has developed a spin-off titled Bad Piggies, and though it has been released since last year, it has been recently updated, and those who haven't yet downloaded the game will be happy to hear some very good news.

According to Mac Rumors, Bad Piggies is now available for free on iTunes as part of Apple's Free App of the Week. And the update is worth it, considering that Version 1.4 features 30 extra levels and more power-ups. And in iTunes, it's also stated that you get a new grappling hook for your tool box and a helping hand from the Super Mechanic.

This is just in addition to the 140 levels of pig-crashing and explosions, while you have 36 levels up for grabs when you get three stars.

An added bonus to explore is the Field of Dreams, which is, according to the developer, the biggest sand box and gadget set that doesn't put any restrictions to your creativity.

Droidscape: Basilica

Are you into action games? Do you want a challenging puzzle game? Why not have both? Kyttaro Tech Ltd brings a sci-fi, stop motion animated puzzle game that also makes yse of the HeadTwister technology.

Droid Basilica is one of those games set in a steam-punk background, where you have an unarmed droid, Bishop 7 who can save humanity from the iron fist of Ecclesiarchy. The unique thing about this game is that the characters have been hand-modeled in clay, and animated using stop-motion technology, so you know you're getting quality out of a new game.

According to iTunes, you have 60 levels where you have to navigate through enemy droids, get the gems and keys for higher levels, and use a strategy for Bishop 7 to course through unharmed.

You may be wondering what the HeadTwister technology is. It's basically a no-touch gaming where the front camera tracks your gestures so you have the option for no-hands or hands-on play anytime.

What's more, you can get this app at 50% off for only $0.99, but this is only offered for its first week of release, which is just until August 3.

Appolicious compares the game to the likes of Where's My Water and Quell Memento, which combines the action and puzzle factors in just the right blend to get the same dose that Droidscape Basilica packs.


Badland has been around for a quite a big but it deserves a mention even as it completes an entire month in the App Store.

The game, developed by Frogmind, has garnered several awards already, having been named Winner of 2013 Apple Design Award and Apple Editors' Choice around the world, with several review bodies and blogs giving it almost a perfect score in all raves.

As testament, it states in the App Store that Badland has also been named Winner of Nordic Indie Sensation Award in Nordic Game 2013, Winner of Best Project in Game Connection Europe 2012, and Winner of SCEE Award in Game Connection Europe 2012.

A side-scroller game at its most basic, what differentiates Badland from the rest is that it packs adventure into a gorgeous setting with creatures and landscape that will make you marvel at their wonders.

You'll be encountering traps and obstacles because even in that fairytale-esqe forest, something is very, very wrong. Look forward to 60 unique levels, and with constant updates, the developers promise more of these.

There is also a multiplayer mode that allows four players with the same device to play in 16 levels (as of now), and you can be assured of no in-app purchases once you buy the game for $3.99.

The most recent update has granted 10 more levels to the Single Player, plus 30 new mission and 5 more achievements.


Just in this month is Baboos, a game from Garry Runke, where you have the colorful Baboos filling your screens with their own brand of cuteness. Recently released after a beta testing, Sundew Games, the company behind the game, has brought the baboos to the iOS for $0.99.

Basically a matching game at its core, you're asked to save the Baboos while defeating the evil crazy squid that's lurking in the river.

"Do you have what it takes? This is not a game for the weak. You need special skills to be a champ. Lighting fast moves and reactions are required," according to the official website of the game.

Once you get on the game, you have the chance to challenge friends by connecting to Facebook and showing off your high scores.

With the challenging levels, colorful characters, and neat HD graphics, it's a fun new game that you can find yourself getting addicted to.