Top 5 Forex Trading Apps for Android

FxWare Currency, aCurrency, MetaTrader 5 & more:
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The forex trading industry is cutthroat at best and unrelenting at worst, so each minute counts when it comes to keeping tabs on your accounts. This is why apps have become a major advantage for players who want to be active in the trade at any point in time or at anywhere they are in the world.

Keep up with the pace with these five useful forex trading apps for Android, and keep connected with your trade without being trapped in front of your computer.

FxWare Currency

There are many currency guide apps in the market, but FxWare Currency is hard to beat with the features that it offers for as low as $1.49.

Brighthand reports that this app provides real-time exchange rates, as well as built-in tip calculator, a currency changes panel for any gains and losses, and the favorite function to track currencies that you want to focus on.

It also has charts that can be viewed as a 1-day, 5-day, 3-month-, 1-year, or 5-year charts, which allows you to track changes in the market during periods when you'll be away. In short, this is an app that fits the traveling trader's lifestyle.

MBT Mobile

The Web Programs lists the MBT Mobile as one of the most reliable forex apps for Android, since it provides real-time information, enabling traders on the go to keep tabs on their accounts anytime, anywhere.

This app also packs a lot of punch when it comes to features, with the MBT Desktop, Forex quotes and charts, and global markets. For those who want other features to enhance the forex trading experience, you can create an MB Trading account, which is available in their website for free.

MetaTrader 5

While some assume that this is just a slightly altered version of the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 brings more benefits to the table. Management of multiple accounts, for example, is now easier and quicker with the introduction of the Navigator.

Auto-trading is also possible with MetaTrader 5, because, as ForexTraders reports, it has a built-in advanced trading script and an expert advisor minus all the bugs, an improvement from its predecessor. This provides you with easy in-depth analysis of technical strategies with the use of pre-made chart-in-chart function. Best of all, MetaTrader 5 is offered for free!

Oanda FxTrade for Android reports that Oanda FxTrade for Android has been hailed as one of the top 10 online forex trading platforms, thanks to its numerous functions including its one-tap trading functions, live streaming inter-bank rate feed, and live charts.

You also get the OANDA advantage with its tight spreads and trading advantages, and the ability to limit order and follow and set profit levels.


Best Android Apps reports that traders who are meticulous about keeping tabs of the historical movement of exchange rates would find aCurrency as a very useful app. Its 160 currencies are updated in real-time, while you're logged on the Net.

However, another invaluable feature is that, if you are beyond reach of the Internet, its offline access takes charge. According to DotTech, you are able to convert currencies even without Internet access because the currency rates are downloaded every time you are logged on to the Net.

Of course, this may mean that no Internet for an hour would mean you'll be working with hour-late rates, but the moment you're back online, you can be updated with real-time amounts.

The clean and user-friendly interface also allows anyone who wants to explore the industry of Forex at a glance would be delighted with aCurrency.