“Destiny” developer Bungie has announced a plan to launch a special Bungie Bounty event for its Sparrow Racing League. Sparrow Racing League is a mode for “Destiny” and this time, it is offering a chance to play against the developers. The fastest Guardians can now join the Sparrow Racing League and get access to a special emblem.

According to the official announcement by Bungie, players interested in taking part will need to login to their social shooter account on Wednesday, Dec. 16. The event, exclusive only to PS4 players, will take place between 6PM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time on the said date. Xbox One owners will also get the chance to participate in a spate version of Bungie Bounty which is going to take place before the Sparrow Racing League disappears on Dec. 29.

Bungie also announced that it will hold the livestream of the event on Twitch. During the course of two hours, if a player gets matched up with a Bungie developer and wins, the player will earn the special emblem. Bungie will award the emblem to the top three players for each race. Obviously the winners will not include Bungie staff members.

It looks like players will have to practice more to win, as the team of developers will be taking part in the event. Bungie has not announced the names, but it is sure that racing against those insiders won’t be easy for participants. Players will surely need to polish their skills before jumping into the races that will take place on Mars and Venus.

"Gear up in your racing suits, equip your favourite Sparrow, and join us on the starting line. If you match with a Bungie employee (or two) on our stream, you'll have a chance to earn an Emblem to prove to the world that you were faster than us on the track," said the Bungie team in a statement.

For just a few days bypassing some of the micro-transactions was possible in “Destiny.” Along with the Sparrow Racing League update, “Destiny” introduced the SRL Record Book Vol. 1 worth US $10 (approx. AU $14).

GameRant reported that some “Destiny” fans found that they can get the book with a trick that makes it available for free. The book offered up some tasks such as races with cosmetic rewards for winners. After the outrage, Bungie developer apologized and rolled out a fix quickly.

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Official Destiny: The Taken King Sparrow Racing League Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/DestinyGame)