“Destiny: The Taken King” is scheduled for new content this month, one of which is a unique and exclusive mode unveiled at the PlayStation Experience held in San Francisco. The new mode is unique because the players will not be shooting each other but instead the experience will feature the game’s vehicle, the Sparrow.

Polygon reports that Sony’s Adam Boyes announced the launch of Sparrow Racing League, a new multiplayer mode, at the PlayStation Experience on Saturday. The new mode, which kicks off this Dec. 8, is up for a limited time and will run for only three weeks. Within the duration of the mode’s availability, players can win and earn new vehicles and gear for their characters.

The Sparrow Racing League is exclusive and free only to The Taken King expansion so players without it cannot access the mode. Along with this is a quest that is exclusive to PlayStation that unfortunately prevents Xbox One players the chance of accessing it.

Matches in the Sparrow Racing League is up to six players who can race around tracks in Venus and Mars. However, it looks like AI controlled enemies can join in on the race as well. Bungie didn’t announce whether they’ll make the mode a permanent addition to the game anytime soon but would reconsider if the mode becomes popular to players.

The reveal of the mode was accompanied by a teaser trailer to anticipate what’s up ahead. It looks as if the mode is an action-packed race which resembles the Speeder bike races seen in the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

Source: YouTube/destinygame

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