Hottest Makeup Colors for 2014
Singer Katy Perry arrives to attend the NRJ Music Awards at the Cannes festival palace in Cannes December 14, 2013. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Now that Christmas 2014 is almost upon us, surely there are invitations for you to attend Christmas parties left and right. A great way to change your look from party to party is to wear different makeup looks. Here is a list of the Top 3 Christmas 2014 makeup looks to try.

1. Classic Red Lip With Black Eyeliner And Gold Eye Shadow -

This is a classic go-to look during Christmas which doesn't get old. You can opt to tweak it out a bit by doing cat eyes or just lining the upper lashline with black liner then lining the bottom with white eyeliner. This look is easy to achieve with just a few key products. But, it is guaranteed to make an impact, especially at Christmas parties with lots of picture taking. Click HERE to see a photo of this look from blogspot.


a. Use your ring finger to lightly pat concealer under the eye area.

b. Sweep some gold eye shadow on your entire lids.

c. Line your lash line with black eyeliner. You can use an eyeliner pencil, gel liner or liquid liner.

d. Curl your eyelashes and sweep black mascara on them.

e. Line and fill in your lips with red lip liner.

f. Use a lip brush to sweep some matte red lipstick on your lips.

g. Lightly sweep a shimmery peachy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.


- Line your bottom lashline with white eyeliner to make it pop even more.

- You can also add some fake eyelashes if you want, for more drama in the eye area.

2. Bronzed-on-Bronzed Look -

This shimmery look is great for holiday parties, especially if you're wearing colourful clothes. While it is usually seen during the summer, it would be perfect during Christmastime too. Click HERE to see a photo of this look from Refinery29.


a. Swipe the bronze shadow from your lashline to your eye crease. Then, swipe it just below the lashline to encircle the eye.

b. Put some gloss on your lips. Before it dries, take your finger and tap on the same bronze shadow that was used on your eyes. Place it on the center of your lips, and then blend it outward.

3. Glimmering Emerald Cat Eyes -

In a colourful twist to the cat eyes, use green glitter over the black eyeliner. Click HERE to see a photo of this look from Allure.


a. Trace the top and bottom lids with black pencil.

b. Soften the edges with a smudging brush or a cotton swab.

c. Tap emerald-green glitter around the outer corners of the eyes.

d. Swipe a nude lipstick on your lips to complete the look.

These are the Top 3 Christmas 2014 makeup looks to try out this holiday season. For more updates about the holidays, as well as other news about luxury, retail, business, commerce, entertainment, technology, science, finance, sports and health, keep on reading International Business Times.


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