5 Free Apps For Smartphones That Can Help Make You Look Beautiful
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Time is a very important resource and it's crucial that it be used well because it passes by so fast and before you know it, you have wasted so much of it by doing unnecessary things. Now that the year 2015 has just started, why not make it one of your New Year's resolutions to use time wisely? In order to assist you in achieving this goal, check out the top 3 apps that help maximize and manage time in 2015.

1. RescueTime -

RescueTime is very efficient to use because it automatically logs activities. Plus, it can be used with various platforms including PC, Mac, Android and Linux. It also provides detailed reporting and analysis tools to help keep track of your time. It even blocks distracting websites. It is available as a desktop app, browser extension or a mobile app. Click HERE to get the RescueTime browser extension for Firefox and Click HERE for the Google Chrome version. The RescueTime mobile app for Android devices is available on Google Play.

2. Hours -

Hours is a simple, basic time tracking app that has helpful reminders as well as an interface created by Tapity's Apple-Design-Award-winning team. Plus, it has an elegant timeline view. It has a streamlined design that is very user friendly and highly intuitive. All one needs to do is to tap the start button to begin using Hours and just stop the timer if necessary. It includes rounding rules, notes, projects and a calendar to help users with time management. Click HERE to download it from the Apple iTunes store.

3. Chronos -

Chronos is an app for smartphones that lets users track time by logging the activities done in the days of your lives. It is available for iOS and Android. Chronos also logs your location automatically. Plus, it is not intrusive because it just runs in the background. Important events can be highlighted and there's also an option to input data manually.

These are the top 3 apps that help maximize and manage time in 2015. Keep reading International Business Times for more updates about technology, gaming, economics, companies, beauty, entertainment, luxury, fashion, business, viral videos, finance, sports, trending topics and health.