iOS 7 redesign may not appeal some users but no one can deny it is the most powerful version to date. Here are the top tips and tricks hiding inside your latest iPhone, iPad and iPod.

1. Burst Mode on the Camera
Burst mode can be done easily on iOS 7 by pressing and holding the volume up key of the device.

2. Multi-tasking Apps
Just like with Android OS, you can terminate running apps on the system background. Double tap the home key then flick upward on the app but on iOS 7, you can now use multiple fingers to kill apps.

3. No for Notifications

Swiping right opens the appropriate app displayed by its notifications, but you can get rid of it by swiping up which hides the notification.

4. Level Up
The Control Centre killed flashlight apps while Compass gets spirit level apps but did you know other apps feature this? Launch an app then swipe on the familiar dots located at the bottom of the screen to see a spirit level.

5. Blocking Unwanted Contacts
Avoid unwanted contacts such as creditors, angry people or exes from your iOS 7 device. Add the number to Contacts > Scroll down > Tap Block This Caller feature to deflect incoming calls, messages and even FaceTime calls.

6. Timestamps
You may not see certain information on your messages such as SMS, MMS or iMessage but swiping left will reveal the hidden timestamps.

7. Swiping Backwards
Use a time saving gesture after sending a message, reading email or playing your favourite music by swiping backwards to return on the previous page. Make sure you are not inside the first level of the page because nothing will happen.

8. Location Services
iOS 7 tracks down your location history by keeping logs of where you've been or when, displayed by blue circles on a map inside the device. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services > System services > Frequent locations to view the history. If you think this is scary, go to the System services page to turn it off.

9. Newsstand Away
Newsstand is something you cannot put inside a folder unlike with other iOS apps but on iOS 7, you can finally do it as Apple removed the restrictions behind it.

10. Easy on the Naked Eye
iOS 7 redesigned UI can be altered somehow without requiring any jailbreaking action on the device. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility to change system text bold, increase text size which support Apple's Dynamic Type, scale down motion effects or invert colours that makes it look like 1980s electro-pop album cover.

11. New Tones
Go to Settings > Sounds > Sounds and vibration patterns to view the iOS 7 library of sounds.

12. Safari's Input Details
Safari browser can automatically fill out Web forms using your Contact information, previous names and passwords or credit card details if you wish to. Go to Settings > Safari > Passwords > AutoFill to toggle the automatic fill out options separately.

13. Make Siri Read your Emails
Use Siri by holding down on the Home key then say "Read my emails" for dictations of the sender, time and date sent, subject of the email. Follow-up by saying "Yes" when asked if you want to read it aloud.

14. Single Folder with Unlimited Icons
iOS 7 folders can now hold as many app icons as you want inside a single folder only.

15. Motion Sickness
Animations, motions and alerts can cause nausea for those who suffer motion sickness but Apple did something to help out. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion > Turn off.

16. No Notifications on the Lock Screen
If you prefer notifications to be private and want to hide them from the lock screen, go to Settings > Notification centre > Access on lock screen.

17. Spirited Compass
iOS 7 features a compass and it has been redesigned too with additional quick swipe to left that reveals a spirit level, accompanied by navigational tools.

18. Walking or Driving Map
Although the Map application isn't perfect, you can still make a consult during rambling with the cab driver. Go to Settings > Maps > Walking under Preferred Directions.

19. Near Me Apps
App Store has a new tab and it's called "Near Me" which automatically list down the most popular in your general location.

20. Background App Refresh
Apps in iOS 7 can now be controlled selectively which among them should be allowed to refresh contents. Go to Settings > General > Background app refresh.

21. Adjust Automatic Updates
You can now update apps automatically with iOS 7 but only recommended for those with unlimited data plans. Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Updates > Automatic downloads.

Battery Tips for iOS 7 Devices

22. Background Apps Refreshing
Although good for unlimited data plan subscribers, the automatic content updates can actually hurt the battery life. If you are not particular with this, turn it off.

23. Location Tracking Apps
Some apps are constantly tracking your apps which consume power. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services > Disable chosen apps.

24. Motion Off
Aside from avoiding motion sickness or dizziness, turning off or reducing Motion features can actually save battery.

25. Switch Automatic Updates
Automatic updates from the App Store is sure to prevent on disturbing you but the feature consumes power aside from data. Switch it off if you are not conscious with manual updates.

26. AirDrop
AirDrop feature allows sharing of files with other users on the same network. Turn off the feature inside the Control Centre to avoid it from draining power.

27. Minimise Brightness
Screen consume lots of power and high brightness can drain huge amount of battery than expected. Go to Control Centre > Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Disable Auto-Brightness > Configure manually.

28. Spotlight
Search function can now be done on any screen in iOS 7 but the indexing of new data eats power. Go to Settings > General > Spotlight search > Disable certain things you don't need for indexing.