While everybody is waiting eagerly for the 5 virtual reality games of 2016 to be released, the list of top 2015 video games have been quite debatable. However, there seems to be some unanimity as to the video games of 2015 that were a disappointment although they promised big. While opinions may vary, here is the list of video games that fell flat in 2015.

"Batman: Arkham Knight"

Source: YouTube/ Batman Arkham

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “Batman: Arkham Knight” video game was highly anticipated as the last instalment of the trilogy but was a total disaster on the PC platform. It was such a disappointment that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment halted sales and even offered refunds. Gamers criticised it for its predictable storyline. The game returned after a few months. However, it still required numerous patches to get it right, reports GameRant. Even then the excessive reliance on Batmobile and frustrating tank battles forced gamers to give up on the game.

"The Order: 1886"

Source: YouTube/ PlayStation

According to Crave, Sony’s 2015 video game “ The Order: 1886” felt like a tech demo that was created with the sole purpose of showcasing PS4’s performance capabilities. The game overlooked every other facet of a good video game. It did have amazing graphics and was undoubtedly the best-looking console game till date, but that’s about it. Overall, it’s a pretty boring game and even the werewolves failed to generate much excitement.


Source: YouTube/ Evolve

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, published by 2K Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive, “Evolve” was one of the most anticipated games of 2015. An asymmetrical competitive multiplayer game, the L4D online community couldn’t wait to grab the game from the shelves.

However, it quickly lost its steam and started being looked down upon as a channel for "siphoning more money" out of players due to its unparalleled level of DLC. The company kept on marketing DLC packs, skins and maps and additional characters even after people started expressing disappointment. When the game finally released, it was lacking in content and was repetitive that led to the game’s untimely death.

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5"

Source: YouTube/ Machinima

Developed by Robomodo and Disruptive Games and published by Activision, the “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5” was a total disaster due to buggy maps and always-online requirement, writes Forbes. It failed to revolutionize the skating franchise. Pre-lease gameplay looked rough with outdated graphics. It had innumerable glitches and bugs. Fans were terribly disappointed and the series failed to make a comeback.


Source: YouTube/ Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Natsume developed “Godzilla” game was released on PS4 this year by Bandai Namco Entertainment but failed to deliver mainly because of its graphics. Many criticized some of its graphics as a rip off from its earlier PS3 and PS2 versions. Players also complained about the movement and level design, which is a cardinal sin when there is a monster knocking down buildings.

"Star Wars Battlefront"

Source: YouTube/ EAStarWars

Developed by EA Dice with additional work from Criterion Games, the Electronic Arts published “Star Wars Battlefront” video game was definitely not bad, but it manages to get old very quickly. It also lacks the wealth of content gamers had been expecting. After all they have been waiting for this since 2006. Unfortunately, even after being “the single most impressive-looking (and sounding) "'Star Wars' game ever made,” the odd design decisions, the weird Star Card system and the lack of single player campaign mar the experience.

"Halo 5: Guardians"

Source: YouTube/ Xbox

Developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One home video game console, the entire campaign of “Halo 5: Guardian” was a mess. While the game is fun to play, its Forge Mode coming out after its release made things messy. While the online multiplayer mode is good, the solo portion is a big turn off. The storyline is incoherent and full of bad twists. The enemies and level designs are not interesting at all and it is made worse with an awful forced co-op mechanic.

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