PC digital games store GOG.com has launched its Holiday Sale and as part of the limited-time deals, the store is offering huge discounts on PC games. The deal includes up to 75 percent off on the entire Bethesda games catalogue. With a new free-to-download entry “Bio Menace,” GOG.com is also offering several free games.

GOG.com is a PC digital games store by “The Witcher” developer CD Projekt Red. An official announcement on GOG website suggests that the Happy Holiday Sale will run through Dec. 29, with new games and bundles available on the store. “Bio Menace” is a new entry in the free games catalogue that includes “Stargunner,” “Warsow” and several other classic titles.

Some of the best deals on GOG right now include 75 percent off the classic “Fallout” games and classic titles such as “Wolfenstein 3D,” “Return to Castle,” “Quake I-III” and the shooter DOOM series (“The Ultimate DOOM,” “DOOM II” and “Final DOOM”).

Additionally, video game series “The Elder Scrolls” is available with the titles “Battlespire,” “Redguard” and “Morrowind” with up to 66 percent discount, according to a press release obtained by Gamasutra. Each game purchased from Bethesda catalogue on GOG.com will be bundled with a free copy of “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” and “The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall.”

In the Happy Holiday Sale of GOG.com, players can snap up the “Fallout,” “Fallout 2,” “Fallout Tactics,” “Quake: The Offering” and “Final Doom” for $2.49 (approx. AU $3.5). “The Star Wars” series games are also available at significant discounts.

Other big name games on Happy Holiday Sale include “Underrail,” “Empire Earth Gold Edition,” “Evil Genius” and “Turok.” The games available in free catalogue may not be available again on the website. The 75 percent discount on the games from Bethesda is only available during the holiday sale. The availability of free copies of “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” and “The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall” with every purchase from Bethesda catalogue is also subject to change when the sale ends.

UnderRail Trailer (YouTube/GOG.com - DRM-Free Games)

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