American Actor Tom Cruise
The actor was almost hit by a bus in real life. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

Tom Cruise was almost hit by a double-decker bus in London recently. The actor was shooting his upcoming flick, "Mission Impossible 5," when the incident happened.

Cruise was crossing the road when he failed to notice the bus coming around the corner. The bus driver honked and tried to swerve away from the star. The movement then alerted Cruise and caused him to leap backwards to save himself just in time.

ENews reported that the actor seemed distracted as he failed to notice that the light has changed and stepped right in front of an oncoming double-decker bus. The quick reflex of the star saved him as it was believed to be a close call for the actor. The incident had reportedly shaken Cruise momentarily.

The actor is currently in England shooting for a sequence for his upcoming movie. Cameras were following the actor around Piccadilly Circus and other fellow pedestrians seemed oblivious to the star's presence. The "Top Gun" star had his focus in one direction only, which caused the incident.

The 52-year-old actor is known for performing dangerous and life-threatening stunts on his own. He recently made the news for pulling off a nearly impossible stunt, where he needed to be suspended from the tail of the flying Airbus A400 with only two safety harnesses. The sequence required the actor to be seen dangling from a flying aircraft, which Cruise filmed successfully and with minimal assistance.

The military plane was flying 5,000 feet above the British countryside when the actor performed the feat. Cruise risked his life in order to make the scene look as authentic as possible. He was hanging on to just two safety harnesses fearlessly while the plane glided over the British landscape. The actor also skipped the safety clothing and was seen dressed in the normal attire of the character he played in the movie. This decision even led to a series of online debates.

"Mission Impossible 5" also stars Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin. The flick is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and is set to hit the theatres in December 2015.

Watch the incident in the video fished out by NBC news: