Tiger Woods Will Not Cheat on GF Lindsey Vonn

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Tiger Woods will not cheat on girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, at least it is what she thinks.

Tiger Woods has been in a romantic relationship with Lindsey Vonn for quite some time now. Woods and Vonn publicly announced that they were officially a couple in March 2013, and they have been together ever since. After Woods and Vonn came out as a couple, they have been seen doing things together. She has also always remained supportive of all his golf tournaments.

Well, let's face it. Woods had his fallout because of his infidelity scandal on November 2009. Conversely, Vonn was also rumoured to have kissed a man while still in a relationship with the famous golfer.

A reporter from Minneapolis Star Tribune had the courage to ask Vonn if she thinks that Woods has remained loyal to her. It seemed that Vonn was caught off-guard and didn't manage to answer right away. "Ah, I don't know," Vonn told the reporter. "That is a strange question, but I mean, you have to give your trust to the person that you are currently with," Vonn said. "We are happy and that's all the matters," Vonn added.

According to the reporter, it appeared that Vonn didn't like the question as she ended the interview right away.

Maybe Woods is now a changed man and that he has found the true love of his life in Lindsey. After all, they are still together. It sounds as if the couple isn't really worried about who will go astray or who will test the other fishes in the ocean.

There is no doubt that monogamy is extremely important in a romantic relationship. Lindsey Vonn is obviously fearless and does not really welcome the thought of Woods cheating, as long as she has her full trust on him.

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