Tiger Woods' GF Spotted Kissing Other Man, Lindsay Vonn Denies Cheating

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It seems like Tiger Woods is getting a taste of his own medicine after National Enquirer reported that his current girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, is cheating on him.

Tiger Woods has been involved in numerous cheating scandals that started back in 2009, as reported by the same publication. For this reason, a lot of people have disapproved of Vonn's romantic relationship with him, but she still went on with it, and it looks like she couldn't really be trusted at all.

According to the report, Vonn was seen locking lips with someone backstage at Justin Timberlake's concert on Aug 16 in Miami. This "someone" was apparently not Woods.

"When the concert was over, Lindsey along with a few of her female friends went to the backstage, and Lindsey saw some guy who she noticeably knew very well," a source told the publication. "They started a lengthy make out session of passionate kissing. He was an older hunk, in his mid-40s, and good-looking. Both were holding their drinks. He was touching her rear and her free hand was around his neck. They were really going at it."

Vonn is an Olympic skier. She has competed for the U.S. Ski Team and has won four championships in World Cup. She is young and very pretty. "She is very athletic and she wants her own reputation not his," another source told the Enquirer.

Wow. It really is some story. 

"There is not a single ounce of truth in this made up story," said a rep close to Vonn. The BMW Championship is about to take place beginning on Thursday at Conway Farms Golf Club. We will know soon enough if the couple will be together in attendance for the event.

Woods and Vonn publicly announced their romantic relationship in March 2013.