Bureau of Meteorology has issued new thunderstorm asthma warning for Queensland, New South Wales, as well as Victoria, where people fear that the tragedy may repeat. Furthermore, the bureau stated that the storm is now moving towards Boonah and Kooralbyn region, and will head to the north-eastern areas. Storms have been predicted for Gippsland as well as north-east Victoria.

The Department of Health and Human Services has urged the people to stay prepared for it and religiously follow their asthma treatment plan. Additionally, they have directed people to always carry nebulisers along with them as part of thunderstorm asthma warning.

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Ambulance Victoria chief executive Tony Walker said in a statement that people may drive the critically ill to hospital if ambulance takes too long to arrive during a lifesaving situation.

“We're in thunderstorm season and people should be alert, particularly learning from the events of last week,” said Chief health officer Charles Guest. “Thunderstorms, combined with pollen in the air, can cause an increase in asthma symptoms, hay fever and breathing difficulties.”

Health minister of Victoria Jill Hennessy compared the current situation of the state to “150 bombs going off at once,” and said that the state was not ready to respond for such a huge weather event that took place last week. Talking about the storm that killed eight people and left one in critical condition, she said, “We’ve just never encountered anything of the scale and the scope (of that).” She added that the deadly thunderstorm was the worst recorded in the world so far.

Department of Health and Human Services stated that people residing in areas under the new thunderstorm asthma warning shall not panic. He said that the situation might not be as intense as witnessed in the past but still it was imperative for people, especially those prone to asthma, to take make sure that they were prepared.