A Panasonic Corp's lithium-ion battery, which is part of Tesla Motor Inc's Model S and Model X battery packs, is pictured with the Tesla Motors logo during a photo opportunity at the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 2013. Reuters/Yuya Shino

Tesla is leading the way in surprising its fan base this holiday season. Let’s take Tesla Easter eggs for example. Reports suggest that Tesla Model X drivers can now enter a code to enable a special Christmas-themed surprise. Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed grand plans for its supercharger network.

Talking about the Easter eggs, customers need to enter the code to make the Tesla Model X put on a special holiday-themed performance that has synthesised rock music, flashing lights and choreographed falcon-winged doors. Musk and company has delivered cool Easter eggs over the past few months. As per BGR, Tesla released a Mario Kart themed Easter egg this April.

In February 2015, Tesla awed its customers with a movie-oriented Easter egg that allowed drivers to change the change the Model S photo in the control panel setting to a Lotus Esprit submarine like that in the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

In yet another major announcement, Musk has revealed mega plans for the Tesla supercharger network. Tesla Model S was criticised for not being an ideal car for road trips. Now, Musk has not only revealed plans of incorporating solar arrays at these stations but also stated that the third-generation version of Tesla Supercharger technology will be huge.

When asked about the next supercharger technology, Musk said that even 350 kW capacity would be like “children’s toy.” Supercharger stations currently have 120 kW capacity.

Supercharger stations, in recent years, have become extremely crowded as the number of Tesla owners have skyrocketed. To relax the situation a bit, Musk announced that electric vehicles purchased in 2017 will receive 1,000 miles worth of Supercharger credits, writes Yahoo! Tech. Tesla owners will have to pay a small fee as supercharger access post 1,000 miles.

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