People view a Tesla car during the Auto China 2016 in Beijing, China, April 25, 2016. Reuters/Jason Lee

Tesla is constantly upgrading its Model S to ensure that it stays in the lead of electric vehicles. The carmaker has already made its mark and its success has been mainly because of its continuous advancement in the technology space.

The Tesla Model S made a ripple in the market with its upgraded first production electric car that boasted of a 340-mile range and space-age innovation, reports Mobile & Apps. It was far advanced than its competition and also more practical. The Tesla Model S P100D has a 381-mile range.

The Tesla Model S has been constantly upgraded for better execution and expanding the “most-extreme” range considerably. Tesla’s speediest model till date would be the Model S P90D that goes 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds in the “Incredible Mode.”

The P90D is ecologically sound and has better straight-line speed than most supercars. Tesla has always kept innovation at the forefront. Some may find the upgraded front end a bit uninteresting but most have found the car phenomenal. A 17-inch tablet-styled touch-screen controls a number of car components.

However, before the recent facelift, certain German adversaries were equally good in terms of interiors. The Tesla Model S is a seven-seater with lots of extra space due to the clever installation of the electric engine and battery.

The updated Tesla Model S 2017 has a new face and an improved range. The upgrades have brought it in line with Model X crossover and Model 3 sedan, writes Car and Driver. Now it has a more streamlined and sleeker look after the front grille has been replaced by a new front fascia and reshaped headlights.

The Tesla Model S 2017 has the quick charging facility when connected to a Tesla Wall Connector or a 240-volt NEMA 14-50 power outlet. A 48-amp onboard charger has replaced the previous 40-amp charger.