Tesla Motors
Tesla is expanding Superchargers for the route between Sydney and Brisbane. Tesla Motors

Tesla is in high gear preparing for the launch of the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 electric car. With its public debut set in a little over a week, the company is readying itself towards building up its production line and capacity if it will meet its goal by 2020.

The goal is to have 500,000 electric cars produced every year four years from now. Given this goal, Tesla requires more factory capability to get this going, VentureBeat reported. As such, expansions in its California factory has already been ongoing. So far, the expansion had reportedly amused Wall Street analysts, foreseeing a good output, if all goes well. This involves an expanded workforce, a massive factory and even a new paint shop.

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The Tesla Model 3 still has a few secrets of its own. It will be following the Tesla Model S and the Model X, both of which have touted aluminum bodies. What is know, however, is that the Tesla Model 3 will sell for a base price of US$35,000 (approx. AU$46,000). Hopefully, the added production capability will allow Tesla to meet its targets for the Tesla Model 3, and every other model’s targets that it has to meet so far.

Beyond the Tesla Model 3, the company is also moving north of Sydney to land more Superchargers into the land down under. The addition of Superchargers is slated for Port Macquarie station, which is just the first of many Superchargers that will be running down the link between Sydney and Brisbane, Gizmodo reported.

The Supercharger is now open, and it can be found just off the Pacific Highway at Cassegrain Winery. The station can charge up to six Tesla Model S cars at the same time, and while waiting, Tesla owners can even enjoy themselves in the different amenities and the restaurant near the area. This is just added convenience, apart from the fact that the charging stations essentially allow Tesla owners to drive from Sydney to Brisbane for free.

Tesla’s plan is to extend the Superchargers up to Brisbane this year. This is already a good progress for Tesla in Australia, as it had already rolled out charging stations from Melbourne to Sydney following the opening of Wodonga, Gundagai and Goulburn stations.

Tesla Model 3 (Credit: YouTube/Autoride)