Tesla Model 3
People wait in line at a Tesla Motors dealership to place deposits on the electric car company’s mid-priced Model 3 in La Jolla, California March 31, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Even though its preorders just started this month, the Tesla Model 3 is on its way to achieving some pretty good milestones. Just a little over two weeks since preorders started streaming in, there are already 325,000 preorders recorded for the Tesla Model 3.

Now, a new update confirmed that the number of preorders is actually nearing 400,000. According to Forbes, Tesla VP Diarmuid O’Connell had stated that the numbers were beyond the company’s expectations as far as reservations.

This is understandable, since several of those who have lined up for preorders have not yet even seen the car before actually lining up. In addition, the reservation for the car is roughly US$1,000 (approx. AU$1,295).

While this is building up the confidence over at Tesla, it does bring a few challenges to its competitors, starting with GM. The source had stated that GM VP Dan Nicholson had previously stated that the Chevrolet Bolt will be the first electric vehicle with a long-range affordable battery, even with the lesser mile and bigger price tag. Nicholson had also reportedly emphasised the production of the vehicle, set to come by the end of 2016, thus earlier than the Tesla Model 3.

Perhaps one of the bigger hurdles for the likes of GM is that the Tesla Model 3 is putting electric vehicle, as well as the brand itself to a more modest price point that is accessible to more people. Preorder numbers is just one of the ways by which this comparison can be evident.

Even its more expensive luxury counterpart, the Tesla Model S is doing well, in terms of its own segment competitor. The Australian reported that because Tesla is ensuring that it is dealing with the hurdles of an electric car in an efficient and strategic manner, it’s making the Tesla cars, even the Tesla Model S, as a more viable option for drivers.

For instance, thanks to the expanding network of superchargers in the likes of Australia and the ensured recharging wall unit for those who want to ensure daily recharging at a fast pace, opting for this kind of unit is not a big hurdle. In fact, when comparing figures in the U.S., the Tesla Model S has already outselling the Mercedes S-Class.

Over at Tesla, the company also seems to be looking at adding some unique features to the Tesla Model 3. The newest addition to Tesla is recent hire Milan Kovic, who used to be the principal engineer at Skully Systems, BGR learned. While there may not be anything particular about this hire, the source did point out that the timing as well as the background from where Kovac used to be part of may be pointing to another feature in the Tesla Model 3.

Skully Systems had been the pioneer of the futuristic helmet for motorcycles, which had built-in heads up display. Add this to the lack of a traditional instrument cluster for the Tesla Model 3 as well as Tesla’s Elon Musk’s teaser may hint at the possibility. There is still a part two of the reveal for the Tesla Model 3, which could potentially include the HUD display for the unit.

None of this has been confirmed by the company, however. It’s best to wait for any other announcements on the Tesla Model 3, so take this with a grain of salt, but with good hope for the possibility.

Tesla Model 3 unveiling (Credit: YouTube/Tesla)