Memorial Day served as a "Girls" filled weekend for country crooner, Taylor Swift. Swift's BFF, Selena Gomez, may have been obviously absent from her side but that didn't mean Taylor didn't have other friends to spend the week with. From "Girls" Lena Dunham to Oscar award nominee Hailee Steinfeld, here's all the details on Swift's Memorial Day weekend date.

Taylor Swift was first spotted having a preppy twosome Tuesday with Hailee Steinfeld in Westerly, R.I. Both celebrities wore collared shirts under their cute cardigans. Swift opted for the dark ensemble consisting of a dark wool cardigan over blue shorts. On the other hand, Hailee wore a bright red cardigan paired off with a striped black and white skirt. Days before their actual hang out, Hailee tweeted a photo of herself carrying a cardboard cut-out of Taylor Swift.

Hailee wasn't the only celebrity Swift was spotted over the weekend. "Girls" star, Lena Dunham was seen grabbing lunch with Taylor Swift at the Olympia Tea Room in Rhode Island. This isn't the first time both stars have been seen getting chummy together.

At the Grammy awards, Lena Dunham had hob knobbed the singer. Everyone knows by now that Dunham is one of Swift's biggest fans.

"I feel like the way she uses autobiography in her work and the way she calls out guys who have, you know, fronted on her before, but at the same time there is something sort of affectionate and non-judgmental about her music that I appreciate," stated Lena.

Of course, Swift has the same feelings of appreciation for the HBO "Girls" star.

"I've always been really blown away by how she's so young - she's in her mid 20s - and she does all these things. She creates so much," explained Taylor, adding, "When I found out she listens to my music, it absolutely floored me. It made my day, honestly."

Check out the slideshow to see more photos of Swift with her friends, Hailee Steinfeld and Lena Dunham over the Memorial Day weekend.