(Video Credit: YouTube/AlgordanzaUSA)

The Swiss company Algordanza is making buzz around social media for being able to come up with diamonds out of human cremated ashes. Now diamonds can be deemed a lot more personal since it can even come from the remains of your own dead relatives or other loved ones.

So how is it done?

NPR.org reports that the company takes the human remains and puts it under high pressure and heat to a point that it greatly resembles that of the Earth's deepest core conditions. They then compress the cremated ashes to turn into valued diamonds.

The founder and CEO of Algordanza stated that the idea came to him about ten years ago. Rinaldo Willy did not fail his own vision since his number of patron customers has already increased and spread to a total of 24 countries around the globe.

Every year, they process the ashes of about 800 to 900 people. After a total of three months, the ashes come out as diamonds that can be presented in a box or even be designed as jewellery. According to Mr Willy, the diamonds usually result into a bluish colour. This is all due to the traced boron elements in the human body that is essential for the formation of bones.

On certain occasions, the diamonds the Swiss company produce turn out black, yellow or even white. To this, the founder has no explanation to present but to realise that every diamond produced from an individual proves to be unique from all the others. Just how every individual is uniquely different from another.

So who orders these diamonds out of cremated people and for how much?

Majority of those who order from Algordanza are relatives of the deceased. Others even make future arrangements of turning themselves into diamonds too once their time of death has arrived. Mr Willy added that 25 per cent of his customers are usually Japanese. As for the cost, it falls between the ranges of $5,000 to $22,000. These already cover the high end machinery used and quality process implemented in a similar kind of lab where synthetic diamonds are made.

Other companies have also followed the lead that Algordanza took in making diamonds out of human ashes. LifeGem, an American company is now offering similar kind of services along with other U.S. patents that perform the same procedures.

Will you spend as much to make your deceased loved ones turn into diamonds you can treasure or wear?