Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft is reportedly working hard on the Surface Pro 5. It is going to be the most-powerful Surface Pro device yet. It will come with some heavy-duty hardware, a well-detailed screen and the latest Windows 10 feature. Facebook/Surface

Microsoft has released an updated version of Surface Tools for IT professionals along with support for the new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. However, there have been certain complaints that the Surface Pro is suddenly going into the sleep mode, leaving users frustrated.

The updated Surface Tools will allow IT admins to deploy, manage and secure Surface devices in an organisation. The update includes the Surface Deployment Accelerator (SDA), Surface Data Eraser (SDE), Surface Dock Updater (SDU) and new versions of the Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) tools, Surface UEFI Configurator and Surface UEFI Manager. One can download the tools from Microsoft. The change log has been provided below;

  • Surface UEFI Manager v2.2.21 adds support for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro
  • Surface Dock Updater v2.1.15.0 adds support for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro
  • Surface UEFI Configurator v1.0.74.0 adds support for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, and also adds the ability to generate USB drive with WinPE for enrolling device in Surface Enterprise Management Mode
  • Surface Data Eraser v3.2.36 adds support for the storage devices Surface Laptop, Surface Pro and Surface Studio
  • Surface Deployment Accelerator v2.0.8.0 supports deployment of new Surface Pro

Meanwhile, there are reports that a new bug is affecting certain Surface Pro devices, sending the devices to sleep mode. Apart from this issue, the release of Surface Laptop and Surface Pro (2017) has mostly gone without issues. The latest one is a bug in all probability. When using the device actively, it is suddenly turning off or slipping into the “hibernate” or “sleep” modes. While for some, hitting the power button is resuming the device where the user left off, some have complained that they lost their work.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the issue. While re-installing device drivers have not been effective, some users reported that a factory reset is doing the trick, reports Windows Central. However, the company is investigating, and anyone facing the issue should write about it in the Microsoft support forum. This will help the company understand the problem, and they can come up with a patch in the coming weeks. This is the only problem reported regarding the Surface.

Microsoft has been developing the Surface line for years now. It has evolved the tablet category into something more capable and functional. What started out as a plain tablet has evolved into a full-blown creative workstation, a highly-capable 2-in-1, a beautiful new notebook capable of replacing the laptop. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the Surface line of products.