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The Winchester brothers will be hunting monsters again in “Supernatural” Season 11, episode 4 titled “Baby.” It seems that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) will temporarily put aside their focus on the Darkness in the new episode of the CW TV series to deal with a new hybrid monster.

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major “Supernatural” Season 11 spoilers.

The synopsis of “Supernatural” Season 11, episode 4 in a Comic Book Movie report teases that the Winchester hunters will go on a road trip to fight demons and monsters. Furthermore, the story of the new episode will be entirely seen from the point of view of Dean’s “Baby” Impala.

The CW Network has released a hilarious promo trailer for the fourth episode of “Supernatural” Season 11. In the video, Sam and Dean try to figure out the new breed of monster they are hunting.

Dean suggests they are hunting a werewolf but Castiel informs the hunters that the creature they are hunting actually feeds on hearts. Hilarity ensues in the promo video because Dean tries to give the new hybrid monster a name such as ghoulwolf, ghoulpire and werepire.

The new episode will be bringing back the “Monster of the Week” theme in “Supernatural” Season 11. The past three episodes of the new Season had Sam and Dean focusing on the arrival of the Darkness/Amara (Emily Swallow) and Castiel’s problem with the spell that Rowena (Ruth Connell) placed on him in the finale of “Supernatural” Season 10.

In “Supernatural” Season 11, episode 3 titled “The Bad Seed,” Sam and Dean captured Rowena so that she can remove the “Attack Dog Spell” she put on the angel Castiel (Misha Collins). However, the red-haired witch managed to escape from the Winchester brothers.

The upcoming episodes of the new Season will continue to deal with the Winchesters vs. Rowena storyline because the “Book of the Damned” is still in Rowena’s possession. Rowena uses the book to recruit witches for her “Mega Coven” in order to strengthen her powers.

As for the Darkness, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) continues to look after Amara, who is now in her teenage form, for his personal gain. The King of Hell has instructed his demons to attend to Amara’s needs by giving her what she wants, whenever she wants it.

The King of Hell also wants to have a chat with Amara perhaps to discuss their alliance and plans but Amara insists in the previous episode’s ending scene that she is hungry, which means she wants Crowley to keep on feeding her with souls so she could grow up fast. “Supernatural” Season 11 will return with episode 4 titled “Baby,” written and directed by Robbie Thompson and Thomas J. Wright, respectively, on Wednesday night, Oct. 28, at 9/8c on the CW Network.

Watch the “Supernatural | Baby Trailer | The CW” video:

Source: YouTube/The CW Television Network

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