‘Supernatural’ season 11 episode 22 spoilers: ‘We Happy Few’ sees all the big players team up

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Supernatural season 11 episode 22 "We Happy Few"
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“Supernatural” season 11 episode 22 has got the big players teaming up to beat the big bad of the season. “We Happy Few” has Lucifer (Misha Collins) and God (Rob Benedict) in the same bunker with Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Teaming with them are the warring mother and son Rowena (Ruth Connell) and Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard).

Spoilers ahead for ‘We Happy Few’

In an amusing scene, the Winchester brothers had to mediate between Lucifer and God, even teaching God how to properly apologise. The father and son eventually reconciled after God sincerely asked for his son’s forgiveness.

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God or Chuck, as he would like to be called, told Sam and Dean that while they needed to contain Amara (Emily Swallow), they should not destroy her. The Darkness was necessary to exist to balance Light in the universe.

They would need more members in their team to trap Amara, though. As Chuck explained, the first time they trapped her, all the archangels were present as well. Bringing back Gabriel and Rafael would require time, which they didn’t have. Michael, on the other hand, was “in no condition to fight.” And with him and Lucifer the only original members of the group present, they would need more allies.

That’s when the brothers suggested Crowley, who was being greatly undermined in hell, and Rowena, who was hiding from them. Dean fetched Crowley from hell, while Sam brought in Rowena. Lucifer tried to recruit the angels, who didn’t trust him at all, so he asked Castiel to talk to them. It took a lot of to convince all of them, though.

Team God

Poor Donatello. It’s only his second day at work and already he’s soul-less. Donatello, who was made prophet just last week, has lost his soul to Amara, who was able to enter the bunker after removing all its markings. Team God weren’t there, though.

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Dean, Sam, Lucifer, Crowley and Rowena met with God in some abandoned place to strategize. God told them to catch Amara off-guard.

“What about Cas?” Dean asked about their friend.

“Don’t worry, your pet’s safety is my highest concern,” Lucifer, who was still wearing Castiel’s vessel, mockingly answered before conceding, “Trust me, he’s on board.”

To contain Amara in a mark like before, they would need someone to bear it. Surprising Dean, Sam volunteered. Dean, of course, objected it, telling them that he should be the one to bear the mark since he bore it before. But as God explained, Dean was tainted and so he wouldn’t do. Sam, however, volunteered. Dean reluctantly agreed after talking to his brother.

Light v Dark

Just as it appeared like Rowena was double-crossing them by secretly meeting with Amara, the Darkness revealed that she knew from the start God sent her. With the help of her coven, she tried to blast Amara with some witchy magic, but Amara was too strong for them. The other witches died, but Rowena miraculously lived.

Next stop were the angels, who tried to smite the Darkness but only succeeded in dizzying her. Crowley then stepped in, hurling some king-of-hell awesomeness at Amara. She’s feeling wobbly but she’s not out yet.

She finally saw her brother face to face when she entered the warehouse where Team God were waiting in. As Lucifer speared her from the back, God apologised to her sister “for this, for everything.” Amara wasn’t in a forgiving mood, though. She berated God for imprisoning her and for his ego.

While Lucifer received a sincere apology from God earlier, Amara was denied of the same.

“The world needed to be born, and you wouldn’t let me,” he told his sister. As he revealed, his creations didn’t come from his hands, but “it was there, waiting to be born.”

“It just is, as you and I just were.”

Just as God was about to trap her in a mark again, which Sam would bear, Amara fumed, choking God in the air. Lucifer tried to intervene, but Amara maybe killed him. It’s unclear if she did, but Lucifer appeared to have been forced out of Castiel’s vessel.

God wasn’t dead, but he was dying. Amara left him weak so he could watch his creations turn to ash.

“Welcome to the end,” Amara warned Sam and Dean.

Next week is the season 11 finale “Alpha and Omega,” which would perhaps see Lightness and Darkness/God and Amara battle it out to the end.

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