Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Ruth Connell as Rowena MacLeod and Lisa Berry as Billie in "Supernatural" season 13 episode 19, "Funeralia."
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Ruth Connell as Rowena MacLeod and Lisa Berry as Billie in "Supernatural" season 13 episode 19, "Funeralia." The CW Television Network

“Supernatural” season 13 episode 19 was an emotional episode featuring a mother murdering people to bring back her son. “Funeralia” also brought back Castiel’s (Misha Collins) tormentor, who was thought to be dead for five seasons.

The following contains spoilers from “Supernatural” 13x19 “Funeralia. The episode aired on Thursday on The CW in the US. It will air in Australia on Monday on Eleven.

Heaven’s missing almost all of its angels

With Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr, not in this episode) gone, Castiel decided to ask the angels in heaven for help in finding him. He had got Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) consent, so at least they were coordinating their plans this time.

When he got in heaven, he was surprised to see Naomi (Amanda Tapping) alive. Naomi was the high-ranking angel who tortured Castiel, forced him to kill images of Dean multiple times, and erased his memory. She supposedly died in season 8, but it’s very clearly not the case. She told Castiel she had the angels spread the word that she’s dead to hide and recuperate.

The revelations didn’t stop there. Naomi also told him that there were only 11 angels left in heaven and on earth, Castiel and herself included in the count. It was previously mentioned that the angels’ number was dwindling, but it didn’t say it was that bad. Angels, as she explained, are like walking and talking batteries of heaven. Without them, heaven would die, and the billions of human souls there would fall on Earth. That’s when Cas revealed Gabriel was alive, they wanted to work with him to bring the archangel back to help down power up heaven. She mentioned in passing that not all archangels would be as efficient. She could be referring to Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), whom Cas still didn’t know was in heaven.

Castiel, although still wary about helping Naomi again, agreed to look for Gabriel. Now he has two pressing reasons why he needs to find the archangel.

Rowena’s mission

Sam and Dean first called Rowena (Ruth Connell) for help, but the witch, who, several episodes ago, was able to restore her full power, refused. They later found out Rowena had been killing people. When they investigated one of the deaths, they noticed that she also killed the reaper beside the person.

Jessica the Reaper (guest star Kayla Stanton) revealed herself to the brothers and admitted Billie (Lisa Berry), the former reaper and now Death), ordered her to follow the Winchesters all the time without them knowing. She said because reapers never interfere, they need Sam and Dean’s help in stopping Rowena from killing people before their time. Otherwise if there would be many untimely deaths, Death would have to reset everything with a plague or catastrophe that would kill many people.

When Rowena agreed to meet with them, she told them she was killing people (all whom she thought deserve to die because of their greed) so she could bargain with Death in bringing back Crowley (former main star Mark Sheppard). When Sam, albeit hesitatingly, tried to shoot her, she had managed to incapacitate and kidnap Sam instead, forcing Billie to appear to her.

Even with Rowena’s threat of killing Sam, Billie still wouldn’t agree to bargain with Rowena. Death, as she said, never negotiates with blackmailers. Rowena then tried to kill Death, but unlike Dean, she couldn’t even tickle Billie. Billie showed compassion, sparing Rowena’s life. She said she wouldn’t bring back Crowley still, though. Later, the brothers convinced the witch that she could find redemption if she agreed to help them.

It was earlier revealed that according to fate, Sam would be the one to kill Rowena when her time came. Sam said her fate could still be altered.

‘Supernatural 13x19 review and analysis:

Sam killing — or at least trying to kill — Rowena is reminiscent of Sam trying to kill Crowley in season 10, by Rowena’s order, no less. Sam was also hesitant to kill Crowley, but he tried to anyway because it was Rowena’s condition before she would help him save Dean. Rowena clearly didn’t have to impose such condition, but she did because that’s how she hated her own son.

That is also the reason why it’s out of character for Rowena to suddenly truly care for Crowley. She had always wanted to kill Crowley, even admitting in season 12 that she wanted to hurt him by sending his son, Gavin, to his death.

If the show went with Rowena losing her humanity in pursuit of power and then somehow gaining it back from between season 12 and this one, her sudden affection for her son would have been more believable. It’s just like when Crowley lost his humanity when he became a demon and then gaining it back in season 8. He also hated his son, or at least he was indifferent to him. But his restored humanity made him care for Gavin even just a bit.

Crowley’s baby portrait (or at least it looked like it could be him) on Rowena’s desk was a nice touch, though. Also, Connell’s emotional performance as she attacked Billie was a sight to behold. If the reasons above didn’t stand, it was as if Rowena was truly a grieving mother.

While everyone could return in “Supernatural,” even the permanently dead ones, it’s unlikely Crowley would be one of them. Sheppard, based on his social media posts, did not appear to have left the show in good terms. It’s unfortunate because Crowley was one of the smartest, if not the smartest, and greatest characters on the show, someone whom viewers couldn’t help but love.

Billie, by the way, was as majestic as ever. Jessica the reaper, on the other hand, could be a promising recurring character. She was jovial and engaging even though reapers are typically solemn.

As for Castiel, although he had chosen “humanity” over heaven every chance he got, it was apparent that he would help heaven this time. He is still and angel, and his brothers and sisters need him now more than ever, even after everything that has happened between him and them. Also, he may be feeling guilty about his hand on eradicating many members of his kind (season 6).