Tyler Hoechlin
Actor Tyler Hoechlin arrives at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

When Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman makes his much awaited appearance on “Supergirl” this October, he will be bringing a new villain along with him. Actor Frederick Schmidt will be portraying Metallo in the CW Series.


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The news is coming from Entertainment Weekly, which notes that one of Superman’s longest running rivals from the comic will making his villainous appearance in the small screen. Just like Hoechlin, Metallo will star in at least two episodes of “Supergirl” season 2, including the season premiere.

He joins a relatively long list of newcomers to the CBS turned the CW series, which consist of both upcoming villains and possible allies. Joining him and Hoechlin are Chris Wood as Mon-El, Lynda Carter as POTUS, Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor, Sharon Leal as Miss Martian, Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr, and Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer.

For the DC television universe, Schmidt’s character is described as an international assassin, who originally goes by the name John Corben. After getting severely injured by both Supergirl and Superman, Corben is then taken in by an organisation and transformed into the Kryptonite-powered super villain Metallo.

It is unknown at this point what kind of chaos Metallo will cause in the show, but if the official description and original comics are anything to go by, it will definitely be a difficult one for Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl.

The character of Matello first appeared in the 1959 Action Comics #252, and he has since faced Superman on numerous occasions. While different versions of the villain have different specialities, more recent iterations have provided him with the ability to absorb all types of metal. This metal is then made part of his exoskeleton, which allows him to inflict significant amounts of damage.

“Supergirl” season 2 will air on Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW. Australian audiences can catch the same on Syfy.