Kara Danvers (Mellisa Benoist) gets a surprising encounter with her aunt, the villain Astra (Laura Benanti), in episode 2 of “Supergirl,” titled “Stronger Together.” Meanwhile, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and Winn Schott, Jr. (Jeremy Jordan) work together to help Kara regain her title as a superhero, after a mission did more damage than good to National City.

“Stronger Together” opens with Kara dodging missile attacks on air during her training at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO). She gets into an argument with her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) about her superhero capabilities, insisting that the training is unnecessary since she is ready. Their conversation is cut off by Winn’s call for help to put out a huge fire at the National City port.

“This looks like a job for Supergirl,” Kara tells Alex and flies off to danger. After a failed effort to blow out the fire, she decides to move the ship away from danger. However, her attempt at heroics ended in disaster when the ship cracked and leaked oil instead.

Supergirl grabbed headlines as people started to question her capabilities as a superhero. Dubbed as #TerribleGirl by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), Kara decides to recruit both Winn and James to help her “start small and work her way up,” as what Cat told Kara on what she believes Supergirl should do.

A fun montage of scenes follow as Supergirl works her way to regain her superhero title with the help of Winn and James as her eyes and ears to disasters. From helping a girl retrieve her snake named “Fluffy” from up a tree to flying an ambulance to the hospital in time to rescue a dying patient, Supergirl slowly grabbed headlines, but this time for the right reasons.

However, Alex is doubtful of her sister’s readiness to battle her “superior opponent” so she goes on a sparring match with Kara to teach her how to fight smart using technique and not her powers. Alex’s teachings proved useful when Supergirl came face-to-face with her evil aunt Astra.

Supergirl rushes to Alex’s rescue after being abducted by Astra. Astra tries to convince her niece to align with her in saving Earth. Andrew Kreisberg, one of the show's executive producer, told Variety that Astra personally believes she is there to prevent Earth from exploding much like what happened to Krypton.

However, Kara saw through her aunt’s evil plans and the pair battled it out. Her powers are apparently still no match with Astra. When it seemed that Supergirl was about to be defeated, Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) arrives and stabs Astra with a kryptonite knife and she flies away from danger.

“Episode 2” of “Supergirl” ended with Kara questioning the “Living Memory” of her mom about her aunt Astra’s history. Cat also gets an exclusive interview with the superhero after Kara agrees to help James keep his job with the company.

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