Super Mario
Nintendo's game character Super Mario is seen on a screen at the presentation ceremony of Nintendo's new game console Switch in Tokyo, Japan. Reuters/ Kim Kyung-Hoon

One of the most highly anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch is "Super Mario Odyssey." Folks just got a glimpse of things to come from its officially released trailer. The first thing that fans would notice is the T-Rex prepping the way for Mario to make his grand entrance.

"Super Mario Odyssey" is the latest instalment from the ever-changing renditions of the famed plumber, packed with impressive graphics and new goals in a vast world. Despite the changes in graphics and landscape, one thing is for sure – there will be lots of new stuff for Mario lovers to embark on, plus new twists.

In past Super Mario games, there were changes in hats and outfits. In "Super Mario Odyssey," the same is expected, but with additional tweaks. In the trailer, Super Mario’s cap hints at several things. It looks like it will act as a channel for Mario to go in between worlds or an igniter of sorts when placed on certain items in-game. Pair it up with crazy outfits shown in the trailer and you get a character likely to try and fit into places his body (and hat) will take him.

Aside from the T-Rex making a Jurassic Park-like entrance, other characters for "Super Mario Odyssey" include the Goombas and Koopas, which Mario has to deal with. The hero seems to be equipped with a lot of things, including the ability to control robots, rockets, a taxi cab and even a human, Screen Rant notes.

Even if the trailer has only about two minutes of runtime, it is clear that gamers will have a lot to look forward to once the game is officially released on Oct. 27, 2017. Similar to other versions of Super Mario, this latest instalment promises to keep players hooked, taking on brand new challenges.

Of course, the title is one of many expected for the Nintendo Switch. For those who missed it, the trailer can be viewed below. More details and plots for "Super Mario Odyssey" should come in the following months, so make sure to check back here on IBT AU.