Super Mario Maker 3DS
"Super Mario Maker" is coming to the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS players are finally getting “Super Mario Maker.” The previously Wii U-exclusive level-builder game will also feature the 100 built-in courses for the Nintendo 3DS version.

Additionally, players can also play courses designed on the Wii U, though Nintendo has already noted that some feature limitations may not allow all of the Wii U-created levels to be playable on the “Super Mario Maker” Nintendo 3DS version.

According to Kotaku, the Nintendo 3DS version will have some extra functions, such as additional social functions for sharing and designing courses. These will be possible by using the local wireless and Street Pass. All other design tools will be available for the “Super Mario Maker” on the Nintendo 3DS.

However, when searching for courses, the search by courses feature will not be available as well. Players can still enjoy browsing through recommended courses and the 100 Mario Challenge. Those who are new to creating courses can follow Mary O. and Yamamura’s tutorials to get started.

“This new game is all about playing courses anytime, anywhere,” said Nintendo regarding the new “Super Mario Maker” 3DS.

The only thing that some might miss is the mystery mushroom, as that will not be part of the new version. Nintendo has already released a new trailer featuring the announcement. "Super Mario Maker" will be out on the Nintendo 3DS on Dec. 2.

"Super Mario Maker" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/Kotaku)

If that’s not enough, Super Mario fans can also look forward to another entry in the Mario Party series. Nintendo also announced “Mario Party: Star Rush” via a new trailer, which features a few gameplay glimpses.

“Mario Party: Star Rush” will also have multiplayer support for up to four players with just one copy of the game. This is due in part to the free “Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest” software. This will let friends play without limitations, as the software also lets gusts access Download Play and the local wireless multiplayer in the game, DualShockers reported.

“Mario Party: Star Rush” will be out on the Nintendo 3Ds on Oct. 7 for Europe, Oct. 8 for Australia and Nov. 4 for North America.

"Mario Party: Star Rush" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)