Nintendo will showcase the "The Legend of Zelda" at E3 2016. Nintendo

Many fans see the Nintendo NX as the company’s way of getting back on its feet with a console to level off with Microsoft and Sony.

Despite expectations from Nintendo for more information on the device, the company is still keeping a fairly tight-lipped approach in dealing with rumors about the device. In a recent interview with [a]listdaily, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about how the company will deal with the Nintendo NX once it comes out.

For one, the company is looking at ensuring that they position the product in the best way possible once the Nintendo NX launches. According to Fils-Aime, this entails ensuring that the consumers know the uniqueness of the product’s positioning to enhance the gaming experience.

Another learning that the company is taking to Nintendo NX is to have better planning from a software point of view, as this will let players enjoy a continuous stream of games. This may suggest that the Nintendo NX will have a better and more timely library of games once it’s out.

As far as the lack of new information is concerned, it appears that Nintendo will resolve that in the following months to come.

“For us, it’s all about the right communication at the right time. We believe we’ve got some games that are going to continue to drive our momentum this holiday, and we believe we’ve got a strong concept for NX that we’ll unveil in the future,” said Fils-Aime to [a]listdaily.

Apart from the Nintendo NX, fans can also expect some more mobile games from the company. “Miitomo” has paved the way towards building a mobile fan base for Nintendo.

“Pokemon Go,” while not entirely under Nintendo, proved that some of its franchises can haul in both old and new fans. For this year, Fils-Aime also teased that the lessons obtained from creating and managing the Nintendo mobile apps will be incorporated in its upcoming “Fire Emblem” and “Animal Crossing” games for the platform.