A poster of the "Suits" TV series. Suits/ Facebook

It will be all about team spirit in “Suits” Season 8 episode 4. A preview video released online shows Louis (Rick Hoffman) being viciously attacked, and everyone at the firm coming together to help him deal with the traumatic experience.

The preview video [see below] shows Louis walking in a dark alley, and suddenly he gets attacked from behind. This may not be a regular mugging incident, as the attacker pulls a gun on the lawyer and later kicks him to a pulp.

A battered and bruised, and highly traumatised Louis will reach his office, where Gretchen (Aloma Wright) will see him in pain. The man is too proud to tell anyone about his troubles, and he will try to deal with it in his own way.

Louis’ pain is obvious to everyone. When he fails to show up at a meeting with his own client, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) will check with Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) about what’s wrong.

Samantha will become a team player for a change in the next episode. After presumably finding out what happened to Louis, she will first try to speak to him. Later she will approach Harvey (Gabriel Macht) to have him help Louis.

Louis has always respected Harvey too much to share his story and become vulnerable in front of him. Instead, the quirky lawyer will become highly defensive and unstable with everyone at the firm.

It will be interesting to see who bears such a grudge against Louis to attack him so viciously. Will someone from his past come back to make his life miserable?

While everyone is focussed on helping Louis, Alex (Dulé Hill) will have his own problems to deal with. According to the official synopsis of the episode, Alex will be caught between Harvey and Robert Zane. It is unclear if this is about a new case or about the fight for name partner.

Credit: Suits/Facebook