A poster of the "Suits" TV series. Suits/ Facebook

“Suits” season 8 episode 3 will be a sort of tribute to Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). A preview video of the next episode shows Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is lost without his former partner. A particular pro bono case will have the hotshot lawyer fighting for his client and against the people in his firm.

Harvey will be approached by a woman to fight a case against the landowner of Zane Spectre and Litt office. Seeing that there is a conflict of interest, Harvey will try to back out. However, the woman’s plea will make him take the case.

A pro bono case is something that Mike usually takes, often against the advice of Harvey. The cold-hearted lawyer misses his former partner, but has been suppressing it. He will find an outlet by taking up this pro bono case, a case that will put him at odds with the new managing partner and others at the firm.

Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) isn’t happy about Harvey picking a fight with their landlord. “You don’t go to war with the guy who owns your house,” Zane can be seen telling Harvey in the preview video. He is accompanied by Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) too, and they all seem to be against this decision.

Harvey is adamant about the case, and wants to make sure that the building pays his client what she is owed. Donna tries to tell Harvey that this isn’t the kind of cases that they take up. His justification for taking the case is that Mike would have done it.

It remains to be seen if the storyline of Harvey missing Mike will be wrapped up in the next episode, or if this is just the beginning of a long story arc that will culminate in the lawyer dealing with his suppressed feelings. In the meantime, Harvey is preparing to take on his landlord and “knock his teeth out.”

Credit: Suits/ Twitter