homeless person
A man claiming he is homeless covers his head with his jacket as he begs for money on a footpath in central Sydney, Australia, April 30, 2016. Picture taken April 30, 2016. Reuters/David Gray

Street Swags founder and former Young Australian of the Year Jean Madden was charged again on Monday with six counts of fraud, in addition to the fraud charges she faced in 2016. Apart from fraud, she will face one count of falsifying documents and one count of attempted fraud over her work with the charity. The police accused her that the alleged crimes were committed over a year and half month to June 2016.

Initially, Madden was charged with fraud for allegedly hijacking the charity's website and emails. She was accused of using the company's bank accounts to sustain her luxurious lifestyle. She allegedly used the money to buy Apple products, buy fancy lunches and loan a new Toyota Landcruiser. In May, Worrells Forensic Accountants reported that she incurred unauthorised expenses in a year that cost an estimated $440,000. She was banned from attending the charity as part of her bail conditions.

The current charges were related to her unauthorised spending including payments to her de facto partner. The money supposedly was intended to build cabins for homeless people. Madden denied all allegations.

Madden's lawyer Kris Jahnke said that the new accusation of the police was disappointing as the previous charges was close to a resolution. He said that even prosecution lawyers were surprised by the new offences. Madden will face the court on Feb. 28 for the new charges and on March 13 for the former charges.

Street Swags director Paul Daley confirmed that they were informed about the new charges against the charity's founder. He said that they left the issue to the police and they were focusing on getting the charity back.

Madden founded the Street Swags in 2005. She aimed to buy every homeless person with canvas bags that could convert to bedding. Madden said that she designed a portable and lightweight basic bed and shelter to keep the maximum number of homeless people alive. The swags that the company created were distributed in Australia and overseas. She claimed that there were almost 50,000 swags that reached homeless people. In 2015, the charity received $27,000 from Tour de France winning cyclist Cadel Evans and it has raised a total of $1 million.

Madden received several awards from different institutions recognising her efforts in the charity. Telstra Business Woman of the Year and Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year are among the awards she received.