"Street Fighter V" will get a Capcom Pro Tour exclusive content. Capcom

Capcom is letting fans get into the action of the Capcom Pro Tour. A new expansion has been teased to bring new themed content in line with the new event.

“We believe our fans should have a way to show their love for the Capcom Pro Tour and all the players in the league,” said Capcom via the official blog. “We feel this is a great way for players to support the Capcom Pro Tour, and also watch it grow, as the prize pool for Capcom Cup 2016 will increased based on the content download numbers.”

The girls, Cammy and Chun-Li will be getting some elegant premium costumes. This will let “Street Fighter V” players play in high heels, boa feather scarfs, stockings and short skirts for a fight night. Each of the Capcom Cup Collection costumes cost US$5.99 (approx. AU$8). There is another secret mystery that will be revealed later on.

The mystery costume is not just exciting because of the look, but also because it appears to hint at what will be happening at the Capcom Cup 2016.

The “Street Fighter V” Pro Tour content will also feature a themed stage dubbed the Ring of Destiny. It puts players in a ring-like feel in the middle of spectators. The ring will also change update throughout the season as more banners and images will be added once major events like EVO and Capcom Cup happen. The Ring of Destiny will be purchasable at US$9.99 (approx. AU$13).

To get these, Capcom will be rolling out a special Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle. It will include all of the content in one purchase. This will include the three costumes and stage, as well as Capcom Pro Tour themed colour for all of the 22 characters. Just check out F.A.N.G. and Laura above to see the new costumes colours. All of these will be available as a special package for US$24.99 (approx. AU$33).

Capcom Pro Tour will also find PlayStation 4 as part of the sponsor lineup. This means fans can expect a couple of ways that they can join in the fun. Since the Capcom Pro Tour is time limited, fans can only access it until the end of November prior to the Capcom Cup.

"Street Fighter V" Capcom Pro Tour DLC (Credit: YouTube/Capcom Fighters)