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IN PHOTO: Director Guillermo del Toro (L) poses with cast member Charlie Hunnam at the premiere of "Pacific Rim" at Dolby theatre in Hollywood, California July 9, 2013. The movie opens in the U.S. on July 12. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Show producer Guillermo del Toro has revealed some details about Episode 4 of Season 2 of “The Strain.” The series episode is believed to be a nod to del Toro’s Latin roots.

“The Strain” Season 2 Episode 4 will introduce “The Silver Angel.” Guillermo del Toro confirmed this when he, along with the show’s casts and crew, took to the San Diego Comic-Con stage to present some footage from the new season. According to Collider, del Toro revealed that he directed an entire sequence in Episode 4 as it will be the debut of “one of his favourite characters” from The Strain. Guillermo was referring to the Mexican wrestler Angel Guzman Hurtado a.k.a. “The Silver Angel.”

Guillermo Del Toro also revealed the sequence will be shot in black and white to give it that “old Mexican wrestler movie” vibe. The show producer told the crowd at the San Diego Comic-Con that The Silver Angel will be introduced in a Mexican restaurant setting. Deadline claimed this scene is a nod to del Toro’s Latin roots.

Guillermo had previously revealed this Mexican wrestler sequence in Episode 4 of the Season 2 of “The Strain” during an interview with IGN back in 2014. When asked if he was directing any episode in the new season, Guillermo replied, “The Silver Angel.”

“The movie that the guy, the masked wrestler, was a part of in his youth…I'm going to shoot that exactly as an old Mexican movie would be,” he said.

In the original book story, Angel Guzman Hurtando became to be known as “The Silver Angel” because of the silver mask that he used during his wrestling matches. However, an injury left the once famous Mexican luchador (masked wrestler) working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. But he gets to wear his mask once again when he fights alongside Gus in defeating the vampires that has taken over New York.

According to Comic Book Movie, Mexican actor Joaquin Cosío will don on the mask in Episode 4 of Season 2 of “The Strain.” The actor has appeared in numerous movie projects including “Quantum of Solace,” “A Better Life,” “Savages” and “The Lone Ranger.” Cosío is a three-time nominee for the Mexican Academy of Film Awards.

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