Image & Form’s latest creation, the long-awaited turn-based strategy game “SteamWorld Heist” is now coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a time-limited discounted price. Moreover, the game has also received a definite release date.

Today, the company has revealed the details on its official blog. The Nintendo 3DS version of “SteamWorld Heist” is coming on Dec. 10. Furthermore, the developer has announced that the price for “SteamWorld Heist” 3DS is set at US$ 19.99 (approx. AU$ 28). During the holiday season however, from Dec. 10 to 31, the game price will be available for US$ 16.99 (approx. AU$ 24). The new statement also suggests that “SteamWorld Heist” is bigger and better game than the “SteamWorld Dig,” causing the higher price.

Despite being a semi-sequel to “SteamWorld Dig,” “SteamWorld Heist” features some very different mechanics. The game allows players to strategically perform trick shots. Featuring anywhere between 20 to 25 hours of gameplay depending on player’s strategy, this combat game will have gamers taking over other spaceships for different resources. “SteamWorld Heist” can be a great deal for game enthusiasts who prefer playing strategy games.

“SteamWorld Heist” for Nintendo 3DS has over 100 weapons for players to master and randomly generated levels to keep each run fresh. Also, for the duration of the time-limited sale, players can also get the exclusive Nintendo 3DS Home Menu Theme with every purchase of “SteamWorld Heist.” Afterwards, these exclusive Home Menu themes will never be available again, as reported on NintendoLife.

Image & Form also announced the “SteamWorld Heist” release trailer premiere, which is going to take place on Dec. 8. Recently, the company started the SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge in which participants are asked to create quotes for the launch trailer. Image & Form concluded the whole statement with the results for the contest and J-Gamer Nathan is titled as “Winner” for the “Too robust to rust” quote.

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SteamWorld Heist: Nintendo Direct Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/Image&Form)