Steam sale: Save up to US$215 with Fanatical’s Nemesis Bundle 4

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Screenshot from "The Sexy Brutale." The Sexy Brutale/Press

Fanatical doesn’t show signs of slowing down as it releases the Nemesis Bundle 4, which contains 14 games worth US$215.86. The titles are separated into three tiers, with the lowest tier costing an easy US$1.00.

Below are some of the games in the bundle and their respective tiers. Do take note that a Steam account is required to unlock the game codes once purchased.

‘From the Depths’ – Original price: US$19.99 (AU$26.27)

While still an Early Access Game, “From the Depths” looks to become a definitive example of a good maritime war title. Players are tasked with building and controlling ships to wage war against the enemy. From battleships to submarines, the choices vary depending on one’s strategy and personal preference. The game is included in Tier 1, which can be unlocked by paying only US$1.00.

‘Valley’ – Original price: US$19.99 (AU$26.27)

Donning a physiology-improving LEAF suit, the main character of “Valley” runs and jumps their way around the vast titular world. The concept of death plays a major role here, as the surroundings change depending on the actions of the player. According to its Steam page, “the more you die, the more the valley will die around you.”

The game is included in Tier 2, which costs US$4.99 to unlock. Paying for this tier will also unlock the first one.

‘The Sexy Brutale’ - Original price: US$19.99 (AU$26.27)

In the running for best video game title of the world ever, “The Sexy Brutale” is a stylish murder mystery in which you must rely on a mysterious mask to save yourself and others from certain death. The 10 scenarios available in this title range from the thought-provoking to the uber-creepy. The game, part of Tier 3, can be unlocked by paying US$9.99.

Here’s the full list of games in the Nemesis Bundle 4. To check out the bundle, visit Fanatical.

Tier 1 - Pay $1.00

  • From the Depths
  • Damned
  • Marooners
  • 140

Tier 2 - Pay $4.99 - Including products above

  • Valley
  • Bohemian Killing
  • Lethe: Episode One
  • Project Remedium
  • The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day
  • Steamburg
  • Guardians of Ember - Fanatical Edition

Tier 3 - Pay $9.99 - Including products above

  • Dex
  • The Sexy Brutale