'Star Wars'
A poster of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," directed by Rian Johnson. Star Wars/ Facebook

After barely seeing him in “The Force Awakens,” A lightsaber action sequence involving Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) has been practically confirmed in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” A video of the actor shows him saying he had to take lightsaber classes for the film.

Hamill has confirmed that he had to do multiple lightsaber sequence drills to make sure his movements looked natural. Filming wrapped up a long time ago, and it is currently in the post-production phase. Although many scenes may be cut when the final version is released, an action sequence involving the Jedi Master may be too important to be dropped.

In a new video posted online, Mike Zeroh believes the film may keep the action involving Luke to a minimum. He compares what may be the pivotal scene of the Jedi Master to that of Darth Vader's in “Rogue One.” Although the Sith Lord was seen on multiple occasions, it was only in the final shot where he loomed on screen with his red lightsaber. The following portion of the article contains spoilers.

The big action sequence in the upcoming film will be a duel between Luke and the Knights of Ren on Ahch-To. It will be interesting to see the Jedi Master’s green lightsaber go up against his nephew’s red cross-guard lightsaber. The epic clash will also involve Rey (Daisy Ridley), since she’s already on the planet.

Kylo Ren has an axe to grind against Rey since his defeat in “The Force Awakens.” On the snowy hills on Star Killer base, the yet-to-be Jedi was able to connect with the Force like never before, thus defeating her foe. Driver’s character got his lightsaber damaged, and the encounter also left a scar across his face.

Credit: Mike Zeroh/ YouTube