‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ spoilers: Details on Laura Dern’s character, Princess Leia’s condition

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Actress Laura Dern poses at LACMA's 50th anniversary gala in Los Angeles, California, April 18, 2015.
Actress Laura Dern poses at LACMA's 50th anniversary gala in Los Angeles, California, April 18, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Star Wars: Episode VIII” spoilers keep on coming, and the latest one might have just shed light on Laura Dern’s role. A new report claims details about the American actress’ character in the film, as well as details about Princess Leia’s (Carrie Fisher) grave injury.

A source told Latino-Review that the blockbuster franchise shot some scenes at Pinewood Studios in the UK, and it had a stage setup like the interior of a starship where crew and a lot of droids were present. There were also “a bunch of special effect robots and ‘hairy’ alien creatures on it.” As the site noted, the source didn’t sound like it was describing the First Order.

The information from the source was vague and did not include pictures from the set, but it’s new information nonetheless, and one that gives clearer picture on what Episode VIII is cooking up.

From Latino-Review:

“In one of the scenes shot in this stage, a rag-tag group of Resistance fighters have seen some battle. Cut and bruised, they and Poe Dameron are on the ship when Laura Dern, playing some sort of captain or officer, she tells the fighters that they are the last of the rebellion/resistance (I’m unclear on the exact phrasing of the line, so no capitalising the Resistance) and that Princess Leia has been gravely injured and is receiving medical attention.”

Dern’s character appears to have some sort of authority over Poe (Oscar Isaac), according to the source, because when the two were having an unfriendly exchange, Dern’s character was “blunt with Poe.”

In another scene, Poe was leading a group of Resistance fighters as they took over Dern’s ship. Poe was then seen pointing a blaster at Dern.

With General Organa/Princess Leia seriously wounded, it could Dern is playing another political force that is trying to lead the Resistance. And Poe will perhaps lead a mutiny against Dern since Leia is incapacitated.

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