Leaked concept art descriptions suggest interesting details about the ship Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) will be using in “Star Wars: Episode 9.” The character got to pilot an advanced TIE fighter in “The Last Jedi,” and there will more surprising twists in the final movie in the new trilogy. The following article contains spoilers.

According to a report by Mike Zeroh [see below] one of the concept art descriptions of the upcoming film revealed Kylo Ren to be piloting the Millennium Falcon. The iconic ship was last seen in the hands of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Chewbacca.

The concept art reportedly shows Kylo Ren alone in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. It will be interesting to see how he will get his hands on the ship in the upcoming movie.

Kylo Ren previously had the chance to claim the ship for himself. In a deleted scene in “The Force Awakens” the villain was seen entering the millennium Falcon, after it crash lands on Star Killer base, and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) abandons it.

Mike notes that the way Kylo Ren moves around in the ship, it feels very familiar to him. He may have been onboard the ship before. Now, the character may get a chance to fly the ship that once belonged to his father.

There was a lot of talk about Kylo Ren turning to the Light side in “The Last Jedi.” That didn’t happen, but there is still a chance for the character to turn away from the path he has chosen. Mike suggests that there is still scope for the redemption arc for the character, but it may be done in a different way to keep it fresh and entertaining.

No matter how Director JJ Abrams chooses to surprise the fans in his movie, one thing is clear- Kylo Ren is just as significant a character as Rey.

Credit: Mike Zeroh/ YouTube