Mark Hamill
Mark Hamil arrives at the European Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Leicester Square, London, December 16, 2015. Reuters/Dylan Martinez

The return of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) seems like the most obvious plot point for the producers of “Star Wars: Episode 9.” However, even this little bit of information appears to be guarded with great zeal at the moment.

The pre-production work may have already started, as the cast members were expected to begin their trailing from this month. What has not been officially confirmed so far is the return of Hamill to reprise his role.

Hamill appears to have teased the return of his character in a post online. According to a report by Mike Zeroh [see below] when one of the fans asked Hamill about the death of his character, the actor replied by saying that no one is ever really gone.

There is a lot of interest about the return of Luke Skywalker, and Hamill has been asked this question multiple times. His reply on Twitter may have seemed vague enough for the actor, but Disney appears to have thought otherwise. The tweet by the actor has been deleted, suggesting Hamill got a call to take it down.

The deletion of the tweet is a clear indication that Luke will be back. What remains to be seen is how Director JJ Abrams intends to bring back the beloved character.

The two routes that the director can take are either Luke returns as a Force Ghost to guide Rey (Daisy Ridley) or even perhaps help kylo Ren (Ada Driver), or there could be a flash back sequence that will help fans understand what really happened all those years ago with characters like Snoke (Andy Serkis).

The cameras will begin to roll for “Star Wars: Episode 9” soon. The film is set to released on Dec. 20, 2019 in the US. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date for Australia.

Credit: Mike Zeroh/ YouTube