EA Games and DICE have unveiled the new launch trailer for “Star Wars Battlefront” and it’s a game changer, to say the least. Not only do the gameplay clips blend well with the cinematics, the trailer also looks like a solid continuation of the “Star Wars” saga, thanks to the appearance of a number of familiar characters.

Forbes pointed out that the character Han Solo shot first in the trailer, though in the character’s defence, it was a number of Storm Troopers he was facing and not Greedo. The character also takes on Darth Vader by himself, with only a blaster in hand.

There also seems to be a number of changes made to the series’ canon, as Bobba Fett looks at the pit he fell in during “Return of the Jedi” and mutters to himself, “That won’t happen again.” While many might consider that the game is changing the story, it seems like the developers from DICE are just having fun with the iconic characters while also putting them in new and familiar situations.

Adding to the fun is how the trailer ends, which is a climactic showdown between Emperor Palpatine – who narrates the events seen in the trailer – and Luke Skywalker. Not only do the two lock eyes, but Luke also starts swinging his lightsaber in ways that fans have never seen before.

Many are expecting “Star Wars Battlefront” to be a big hit, especially with a movie coming out soon. GameSpot reports that the game's recent beta test drew 9.5 million people, who clocked a total of a billion minutes in playing the title.

Considering how the gameplay clips from the trailer look great, fans can only hope that the actual game looks good as well. They don’t have to wait longer to find out though, as the title is coming out on Nov. 17 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, a month before the highly anticipated “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film by director JJ Abrams is released.

A number of pre-order bonuses for the game are also available, each with a special downloadable content and early access to certain levels. There is also a special “Star Wars Battlefornt” PS4 bundle, which comes with a Darth Vader-themed console and a code for four classic “Star Wars” games.

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Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/EAStarWars)