Star Trek: Discovery tv series
CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser poster Facebook/Star Trek: Discovery

The first trailer of “Star Trek Discovery” season 2 has been released online. The video shows Anson Mount as Captain Pike, and a surprising turn of events in the plot. The show will also explore the family bonds between Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Spock.

The season 1 finale ended with the Discovery on route to pick up its new captain, when they meet the USS Enterprise. Captain Pike had sent out a distress call, but the acting captain Saru (Doug Jones) will have to do more than just help.

The first trailer of the next season [see below] shows Captain Pike taking over the Discovery, citing an imminent danger to the Federation. The character appears to be taking over the role of Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs), so a lot of twists and turns can be expected.

After the war against the Klingons, the new threat will be from another alien race. It is this possible threat that will force Captain Pike to take over the USS Discovery. There are seven red light bursts that have been detected, which are spread out across more than 30,000 light years. The Federation has no clue what they are, and wants to investigate if this is from a friend or a foe.

While Michael may be eager to meet Spock, he is not onboard the ship. The Vulcan will take a leave of absence, and Michael is convinced the red bursts have something to do with her foster brother, and that he needs her help.

Along with the gripping drama with major characters like Captain Pike and Spock, the TV series is promising another action-packed season.

There is a new alien character that is being introduced on “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. Linus is an officer, and the character appears to be there for comic relief.

Credit: Star Trek Discovery/ Facebook