The upcoming game “Star Citizen” has yet to release its expected debut date. But fans can still manage to take a short glimpse as to how the whole gameplay would work, particularly the game’s ships. In order to do so, players must first purchase a pledge package before they can use the ships.

The Mustang Beta ship and its details

The first ship that most players would think of buying using the pledge package is the Mustang Beta. This is one of the many playable ships to date. This particular ship is specialised in touring and exploration. It is designed to handle long outer space journeys if the players fancy this particular type of gameplay. Furthermore, exploration using this ship will allow players to have faster and smoother voyages as compared to other vehicles.

With each ship come specific measurements in terms of the vehicle itself. The Mustang Beta has a total length of 18m with a height of 5.5m and a beam measurement of 13m. In line with its maximum cargo load, this vehicle can accommodate up to 17,000kg. There are other several remaining statistics regarding this ship which is readily available to view in the Roberts Space Industries website.

If players would opt to choose this ship, they should have to pay an amount of $52. Once purchased, players will be able to get the Mustang Beta and use it to their advantage. But this is not the only thing that gamers can get from the pledge package. The package will also include a self-land hangar and a six-month insurance.

The 315P ship and what it's good for

Another option that players can choose from is the pledge package for the ship is called 315P. Unlike the first ship, the 315P is all about exploration. Using this vehicle will allow players to get the fullest experience when they get to explore the vast regions of outer space. This advanced exploration ship will be harnessing a more robust power plant and a custom-made scanning package which will both be useful for every venture of this ship.

The 315P also has its own specifics when it comes to the ship’s overall measurements. The total length of the ship is at 24m. Its height is at 7m and its beam is at 16m. As compared to the Mustang Beta, the 315P is a larger space craft with a cargo mass that reaches up to 20,085kg. More details about the ship can be found at the Roberts Space Industries website.

For those who plan to buy the 3315P pledge package, it will be priced at $85. Similar to the aforementioned ship, the 315P pledge package will also include a self-land hangar and a six months insurance.

Choosing which ship to purchase in the “Star Citizen” space simulation game will boil down with what the player would prefer. If the gamer fancies a faster ship which can compete with others in terms of racing them Mustang Beta is the right choice. But if players would prefer to take it more slow and focus on space exploration, then the 315P would fit them perfectly. If ever a player would decide to change their ship, they can do so by simply upgrading them to another spacecraft.