World of Final Fantasy Battles
A fierce battle takes place in "World of Final Fantasy."

During this year’s annual Jump Festa event, Square Enix revealed a new trailer for the chibi-filled “World of Final Fantasy” game coming to the PS4 and Vita. The video, which can be seen below, shows 20 minutes worth of gameplay and confirms a number of classic “Final Fantasy” characters that will be appearing in the Japanese role-playing game (RPG), albeit in chibi form.

Kotaku has confirmed Yuna from “Final Fantasy X” and Faris from “Final Fantasy V,” both of whom weren’t confirmed in previous reports about the game. These characters joins fan favorite, Cloud Strife, Warrior of Light and Lightning in chibi form.

The video also reveals how these classic characters are used in the game. As most fans know, players will be in control of a pair of twins in the game – Reynn and Lann – who can switch between regular and chibi form. No matter the form, the twins will be able to summon one of the classic “Final Fantasy” characters into battle, similar to how older games had these characters summon giant spirits for fights.

Gematsu also confirmed that the monster-catching mechanic could also be seen in the video below, making the game a bit similar to “Pokemon.” Once caught, players can use the abilities of said monsters to get through certain obstacles in the game’s various dungeons, in addition to their participation in a battle.

The stacking mechanic also makes an appearance in the game. When a player has several monsters in the battle, they can use the chibi forms of the twins to ride the monsters. In their regular forms, the twins will be able to put smaller monsters on their heads.

Any of these combinations affects the stats and abilities during battles so there’s a layer of strategy in the combat. Players will also have to think on their toes, since the battle system is similar to the ones from older “Final Fantasy” games where enemies can attack multiple times if the player doesn’t come up with actions right away.

“World of Final Fantasy” is slated for a 2016 release, though no official date has been given. The game will be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita only.

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World of Final Fantasy - Jump Festa 2016 Stage Event Gameplay (Stream Recorded) (Credit: YouTube/Gematsu)