Space Launch for 30 Seconds to Mars for New Single Up in the Air (VIDEOS)

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Living up to their celestial name, the American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars had the launch of their new single Up in the Air literally in space on Friday. Included in the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket full of scientific equipment is the first copy of their new song.

30 Seconds lead vocalist and actor Jared Leto and his bandmates were at the NASA's Cape Canaveral based in Florida for the launch of both their single and the rocket.

Here is the rocket's launch seen from the NASA official Web site.

Besides the band's single, the rocket carried over 1,200 pounds of scientific experiments and equipment.

The newly launched song is the lead single from the forthcoming 4th album of the band. However, the song will only be heard by the public on March 18 when the band appears at the Mission Control Houston for a Q&A and with a review of Up in the Air by International Space Station astronaut Tom Mashburn.

Leto gave a hint on the upcoming album that it is the most intimate, bombastic and darkest record they ever made. "It also has some songs that are the biggest and most celebratory. This is a whole new beginning for us," Digital Spy quoted the band's lead vocalist.

30 Seconds was founded in 1998 and is associated with neo-prog, progressive metal and post-grunge, but includes as well emo, screamo, space rock and synthrock into their music.

Leto added it is so good to record a new album with no lawsuit looming over their heads. The band was sued in 2008 for $30 million for their refusal to deliver three albums as required by their contract. They eventually released the album This is War in 2009 and returned to EMI resulting in the annulment of the lawsuit.

Their first album was the self-titled album in 2002 and the second was A Beautiful Lie in 2005.

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